Sports Betting In Connecticut

Connecticut has a number of impressive college programs. With their incredible ability to consistently win, Connecticut sports teams are a great source for betting. When sports betting in Connecticut, there are a number of things to know. First, you should learn the gambling laws in your state in order to fully understand what you can and cannot participate in.

Sports betting in Connecticut can only be done through online sportsbooks, as land-based wagering has been prohibited in 46 states, Connecticut among them. In order to find residents the absolute best online sportsbook available, we’ve researched the best ones available to American bettors and come up with a list of potential books for you. They’re listed here on this page. We’ll also go over some of the frequently asked questions about sports betting in Connecticut on this page so that you’ll really have a grasp on online wagering.

Does Connecticut Have Legal Land-Based Sports Gambling?

Connecticut, as well as most of the U.S., is not allowed to have land-based sports betting. This is due to the PASPA, or Bradley Act, that was passed in 1992. The PASPA made it illegal for states to have land-based sports gambling of any sort except for thoroughbred and greyhound racing.

A few states have tried to repeal aspects of the PASPA, partly because of the rise of online sports gambling. Will it happen? Possibly.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal In Connecticut?

Yes! You cannot get in trouble for placing real-money wagers on the Internet. The State of Connecticut, largely due to the fact that it is not a major gambling state, does not have any legislation in place that can penalize players for placing bets.

Most likely, Connecticut will wait to see how other states (like New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware) handle online gambling and sports betting before making a decision. For now, though, know that betting on online sports is perfectly safe and within your rights.

Which Sports Betting Sites Accept Connecticut Residents?

Since Connecticut is unregulated, almost every major real-money sports betting website accepts in-state residents. This leaves most players with a lot of options, which is good when you consider the fact that every sports betting site is different.

What you need to look for is a site with convenient payment systems, an easy to use platform, and customer service. On top of that, any site you choose should be known for its safety and reliability. To help you get started, here are a few reviews of the top sports betting sites for Connecticut residents.

Facts About Legal Online Sports Betting In Connecticut

  • Connecticut is one of the leading states for parlay bets
  • Credit cards are the most effective ways to deposit money into your Connecticut sports betting account
  • No Connecticut residents have ever been arrested or charged for betting sports online
  • You will receive much better perks and bonuses betting online in Connecticut than in Las Vegas

Bovada Sportsbook - One Of The Most Trusted Connecticut Sports Betting Sites

Bovada SportsbookBovada is one of the best sportsbooks accepting Connecticut residents, and they have serviced the entire New England area for quite some time. The company behind the Bovada brand has been around for over 20 years, and when you are around for more that long, you tend to have a firm grasp of what bettors are looking for when wagering online. Bovada knows that one thing bettors do not want is to be bored, which is why they are constantly adding new and innovative features.

As an example, Bovada was one of the first online sportsbooks to incorporate live wagering, a feature that can add intensity to even the stalest game. They also knew that not everyone had the time to be at the computer betting every day of the week, so they created a mobile site so that bettors always on the go could still place their bets. If you want to see what 20 years of innovation and greatness check out Bovada today + be wagering on tonight's games!

SportsBetting's Sportsbook - Reduced Juice For Connecticut Bettors

SportsBetting is up front with what this website is all about…straight-up bona fide is sports wagering. If you want to bet on sports then you have come to the right place. Future odds, point spreads, game and team total over/under lines, etc. are all available here. This Connecticut betting site is tailored to meet the needs of the fans in the region which is why Boston Red Sox + New England Patriots betting odds are never in short supply here. SportsBetting also carries lines for professional and amateur teams around the country + around the globe.

Still need a little more to get revved-up? Consider SportsBetting's welcome bonus which is capable of adding as much as 50% on top of your first deposit. This offer carries a maximum of $1,000 in sportsbook free play and those who wish to claim it are always encouraged to check their website for any applicable bonus codes. And while we're on the subject, funding your account will always be a snap. Their cashier is setup to take all of leading methods including accepting cash wire transfers from users where credit/debit/gift cards are not an option or will not work.

BetOnline Sportsbook - Make A Deposit For Football Season And Get A $1,000 Bonus

BetOnline SportsbookLike any state, Connecticut residents enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Things like hanging out with friends watching the game, and of course the bragging rights that come after the game. Wouldn't it be nice to tack on some money to those bragging right though? Well if you bet on BetOnline, you can get both bragging rights and some cold hard cash.

BetOnline is a complete sportsbook meaning it has every sport you can imagine as well as all the odds, lines, and wager types you could dream up. On top of that this online sportsbook offers bonuses and promotional offers that can't be beat by many other sportsbooks. One of these bonuses is for trying their mobile sportsbook; users are able to get up to $50 free if their first wager does not win. BetOnline also has a similar promotion geared around their live in-play sports betting application where users could get up to another $25 if they first wager does not win. Seem too good to be true? Click in to BetOnline today and read up about their different bonuses before making your decision on which website is best.

Other Types Of Gambling Available In Connecticut

Connecticut, despite its stricter stance on gambling, does have three tribal casinos. These casinos avoid a handful of state laws because they are located on Native American, sovereign land. The Foxwoods Resort Casino and MGM Grand at Foxwoods are located in Ledyard, while the Mohegan Sun is in Montville. They offer everything you would find in a destination-style casino, including slots, electronic games, and table games like poker.

Connecticut also has a lottery and a few charity bingo halls. As mentioned previously, there are a handful of off-track-betting facilities for horse racing fans. When it comes to online gambling and sports betting, though, it is unlikely that Connecticut will make any movement on the issue. For now, be content with the fact that the state is unregulated and you are more than able to place real-money wagers on the Internet.

Does Connecticut Allow Pari-Mutuel Betting?

Connecticut does not have any horse racing tacks, though it does have a handful of off-track-betting facilities where races are broadcasted. This allows you to place bets on races across the country.

How Old Do I Have To Be To Bet Sports Online In Connecticut?

When sports betting in Connecticut, residents need to wait until they’ve reached a specific age before they place their first wagers. In order to bet sports online in Connecticut, players must wait until they’re 21. This is a few years higher than most online sportsbooks’ age requirement, so be sure to wait until you are legally old enough before you start betting on sports.

What Teams Can I Bet On In Connecticut?

In Connecticut, you can bet on whichever team you’d like. The best part of sports betting in Connecticut is that you don’t even have to like the team you’re betting on – you just have to pick the one you think will win you money. There aren’t any professional sports teams in Connecticut, but there are a couple of great college programs. Regardless of which level you’re choosing to bet on, you can pick any team in any country to back. That’s what makes sports betting in Connecticut so great.


  • UConn Huskies
  • New Haven Eagles
  • Bridgeport Bluefish

How To Deposit Using Bitcoin?

Using Bitcoin to fund your sportsbook account is incredibly simple. To deposit using Bitcoin, you'll need to create a bitcoin wallet. There are a number of sites that will serve in this capacity, like coinspace, bither, and breadwallet. There are quite a few available to Connecticut residents. Once you've opened your wallet, you'll need to purchase bitcoins. You are never limited to how much you can purchase, but be sure to monitor the exchange rate at which bitcoins can be purchased. You want to buy low and sell high.

Once you've finished purchasing bitcoins, you can go to any online sportsbook and choose Bitcoin as your deposit method by going to the Cashier tab and selecting the Bitcoin icon. Input the basic information like your name and how much you'd like to deposit - in USD - and then put your bitcoin wallet address in the appropriate slot. From there, all you have to do is press submit and your transaction will be processed within minutes. The Bitcoin software will take care of everything and you'll be on your way to sports betting in Connecticut in no time.

Best Deposit Options For Large Wagers!

The best deposit options for large wagers in Connecticut have got to be Bitcoin and Checks. Bitcoin is a digital currency which allows players to fund their accounts in just a few moments. Bitcoins are a safe and reliable way to fund your account that also enable you to make large transactions whenever you’d like.

Checks are also a great way for residents to fund their account. While they may take a little longer to credit your sportsbook account - several business days, depending on when you mail the check - the funding options are practically limitless. A simple check in the mail will give you thousands upon thousands of dollars to work with, with very little inconvenience to you. When sports betting in Connecticut, these are definitely the best ways to fund your account.